Catastor should have been added to tickets ages ago. "Nekroz" (影霊衣 (ネクロス) Nekurosu) is a Ritual Summon-based archetype comprised primarily of WATER monsters that debuted in Booster SP: Tribe Force with further support in Secrets of Eternity. DUDE-EN007 Ally of Justice Catastor | 1st Edition | Ultra Rare Card | YuGiOh TCG. 1 This, I think, is the biggest argument for introducing Catastor into the current meta. 5D's.They are empowered during the user's Battle Phase when the opponent controls LIGHT monsters. This means cards like Amazoness Queen, Yubel, or Sea Stealth Attack (doubly bad because Spell/Trap removal is even more so not readily accessible) are difficult to deal with. 7,552 + French lore. One of the best things about Catastor is that it's a level 5 generic synchro and since lots of things back when ran Hyper Librarian there was no sense not to run Catastor along it too, even more so if a deck could bring out Naturia Beast. Author; Recent Posts; ZertyF7. "Ally of Justice Catastor" saw years of competitive and casual play as a fantastic Synchro option from mainly 2009 to 2013. Given that it's generic, I would like it. This is a welcoming community where players make posts to ask … 11-27-2009, 12:42 AM #7: strikemasterice. It also appears in the artwork of Mist Valley Thunder Lord and Descending Lost Star, and that all the above cards are already in Duel Links. Any synchro theme deck would probably fill at least 3 of those with their archetype synchro, so it might be really tough to choose the last two. Duel Devastator. 5D's.They are empowered during the user's Battle Phase when the opponent controls LIGHT monsters. Catastor is something akin to Power of the Guardians, Stromberg, and Yubel where if you get caught without an answer it can snowball. Decks can’t last forever. Vampires and Masked Heroes are currently two competitive decks that have a healthy supply of big Dark beaters that can easily attack over Catastor. It also has a very powerful effect that lets it destroy any non-DARK monster that it battles. Blackwings could also make a Catastor every now and then, thanks to Orishi and their wide array of Level 4s, and Catastor would certainly give Blackwings a decent Turn 1 play to end on. I watched this show called The Next Nostradamus. If at least 1 LIGHT monster is destroyed by this effect, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent's life points. They can tech chalice if they don't already have it. This isn’t an attack on you but this type of logic is flawed thinking. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Back to Top; Post by The Progenitor on Jun 2, 2014 16:56:17 GMT -6. There are very few effects that could be activated at the same time as Catastor's and resolve differently from how they normally would, but I really wanted to justify the hour or so of testing I did on YGOPro to understand the rulings. This being said, I also have no doubt that the power level of the game will rise furthermore by the time we eventually get Catastor, at which point I'm worried it'll be too weak to ever be considered for play... which is a shame, because Catastor is awesome. Most decks have some kind of removal and if they don't most people wouldn't be running this as priority. That'd be criminal. They lean so heavily on Onslaught to deal with most of their problems, but Catastor bypasses it entirely. Catastor's effect also cannot activate if it is attacking a face-down monster, since said monster is flipped up just before damage calculation. Warrior cannot activate in response. Were Vampire Hunter the attacker in this scenario, its effect would have activated first, followed by Catastor's. Author; Recent Posts; ZertyF7. Ally of Justice Catastor Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Single Card Discussions. Yugioh Foil Holo Secret Rare Nice! Of course not. Availability: In Stock Only 2 available. Also, all the battle effects are kinda outdated, it's not worse than targeting a card and destroying in main phase. At Level 5, it’s very easy to Summon and can be used in any Deck. Quite frankly Amazoness just can't answer a turn one Catastor efficiently with their current builds. Help new and returning players join Yugioh! Doesn't do too much against vamps and masked heroes as mentioned, which while not bad by itself, becomes a bit worrisome when you realize how easy vamps can summon it. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This is a Secret Rare. We also have Samsara dragon of rebirth, which isn't anything special but somewhat decent. Things I really don't want to see are trishula and brionac, and to a degree even goyo guardian. Rating Required. 1st Edition. can you MBAAS ally of justice catastor, or is his effect in the damage step? 31.6k members in the Yugioh101 community. To get to a few names, the number one card that "Ally of Justice" has to offer is "Ally of Justice Catastor": "Catastor" saw years of competitive and casual play as a fantastic Synchro option. It's a powerful card, but not too powerful for this meta to handle. 1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monstersAt the start of the Damage Step, if this card battles a face-up non-DARK monster: Destroy that monster. This is an Ultra Rare Holo Dark Machine Synchro. 8 years ago. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Let's talk about Catastor, or to be more precise Ally of Justice Catastor. Last but not least, Dinos can sort-of easily access Catastor thanks to Misc into Aelo, though this remains a niche deck at best. You cab justify everything with that excuse. can you MBAAS ally of justice catastor, or is his effect in the damage step? For the longest time, the war just waged on, with no one group holding the advantage. View All Versions Number: HA01-EN026 Rarity: Secret Rare Attribute Monster Type/Card Type: DARK Machine/Synchro Effect Monster A / D: 2200 / 1200 Description: 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters // If this card battles a non-DARK monster, destroy that monster without applying damage calculation. I see your point though and it should definitely be released. Would Catastor be a good tool to help with the current meta or am I completely idiot out to kill Duel Links? Catastor's ability, though powerful, does have its limits: Shiranui Sunsaga is still able to protect itself and other Zombies, not to mention Archfiend Zombie-Skull which can battle Catastor and come out victorious. Except you don't have to build your deck around it. Yes onslaught activates on attacking and its really good, but this attack can be stopped by many ways. Ally of Justice Catastor DARK Level 5 Machine/Synchro/Effect At the start of the Damage Step, if this card battles a non-DARK monster: Destroy that monster immediately (without damage calculation). The effect or[sic] “Ally of Justice Catastor” activates at the very start of the Damage Step before face-down monsters are flipped face-up. Pretty much any deck can SS it so it's not like it'd be one sided. Ally of Justice Catastor HA01 Price Yu-Gi-Oh Card Collecting Forum 1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters. Pojo Veteran . "Ally of Justice Catastor"'s effect activates at the beginning of the Damage Step, before the monster is flipped face-up. Orochimaru. tl;dr I think it can... mostly. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yu-Gi-Oh! Posts: 5,690 iTrader: 0.

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