This social story teaches kids how to be a good sport and includes:What to say at the end of the game, whether you win or lose the gameA definition of what being a good sport isHow to stay calm when you are upset that you lost the gameWhat to say if you want to play something different after losing Five: Don’t get mad if you think your opponent cheated. If one of your opponents makes a great move or play, say something nice about it. Click here to take the free 5-part Achieve. At your next meeting, think of a few examples from your game that show where your team can use more practice. Teamwork — Good sportsmanship implies that the player on a team is a team player. They maintain composure, learn from their mistakes and prepare for the next competition. Who Is This Year’s Worst to First NFL Team? Instead of yelling, crying, complaining or storming off right after the game, sit down alone for a minute. For instance, if you think that someone went out of bounds but the other team says that player was in bounds, accept what they're saying and let the game resume. Check out this look at good and bad sportsmanship in youth sports. Rules — Part of good sportsmanship is knowing the rules of the game and playing by them. From being a good loser to cheering on your teammates, check out the Coachs guide to good sportsmanship. You need to be disciplined, work well with others, and be able to handle losing and constructive criticism. Staff Picks: Adonis Stevenson vs. Badou Jack, Matt Kemp’s All-Star Selection is a Sign of Growth & Maturity, Equal Play, Equal Pay: The USWNT fights for equal treatment. Good sportsmanship is about respect, self-control and playing by the rules. In order to be truly great, you need to apply that positive attitude to the way you treat other players, even if they're on the other team. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. It is just as competitive as sports games except with more music and hairspray. Instead, talk to the ref and the officials after the game and express your concerns. Accepting Defeat. ♢ Go on, be a sport (= used when asking somebody to do something for you). of 3: If everyone is having fun, it’ll make learning all aspects of the game more enjoyable and rewarding. Moreover, a team player does not condone unsportsmanlike conduct from teammates. Every day is full of possibilities and so is your child! Role Modeling — Modeling sportsmanlike behaviors within the sporting environment increases an athlete’s demonstration of sportsmanlike behaviors. Everyone watching – including your opponents – will have more respect for you when they see you can continue gracefully after being a victim of cheating. Gary Ryan Blair is creator of the 100 Day Challenge…a radical approach to goal achievement that shows people how to accelerate their results, achieve 10X size goals and transform every area of their life and career — FAST. Put it into the context of the Bible verse from which it comes doesn't exactly keep it in this category, but it's good … Education is incomplete without sports, and sports are incomplete without a true education of sportsmanship. After that, you can line up with your teammates to shake hands. If you lose a match, accept the loss and show respect to … We use cookies to make wikiHow great. For example, most field sports have boundary lines, and you need to know where these are in order to play the game properly. Joy — Maintaining a “Fun is Number 1” attitude. Be grateful for the opportunity to compete, be grateful for challenging opposition, be grateful for your skills and talents and never take any part of the game for granted. Gratitude — Coaches and athletes must understand that competing in athletics is a privilege, not a right. Fighting the good fight is a quote you may often hear in a sports context. Why do people cheat in matches anyway? Instead of poking fun, you can try offering tips or suggestions that might help them improve their game. (a) good sport someone who can accept a loss in a competition or can accept being the butt of a joke. December 3 ~ 5, 2020 . Being involved in sport alone is not sufficient to ensure that athletes will learn sportsmanlike attitudes and behaviors. Avoid the temptation to address the cheating in the middle of the game. But being a good sport makes taking part more fun! Lay Lake, Columbiana, AL Reviewed by: Amy W. Anzilotti, MD. Play by the Rules. Don’t be a show-off, even if you're a more skilled player than your teammates or the other team. Or, if there are team members that needs help with coordination or technical skills, then work on drills and exercises that will improve abilities on the field. If you want a good workout, come to a dance practice or two. The rules of the game are meant to provide a fair contest and to protect the safety of the participants. Dancers even gain points and win trophies. A good sport has fun because they enjoy playing the game more than the final outcome.

being a good sport

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