When I was prepping out this story, I asked Emily her opinion on it all as I tried to find my own words for the very important matter, see where she stood on so real vs. faux real (considering the orchid controversy), and here’s what she said: “My 25-year-old self would look at me with such ‘you’ve changed’ shame. Two same-same arrangements side-by-side would stand out as plainly as a palm tree in Alaska. Get it … I do have a few fake tulips in a vase and yes, they look real, but I can’t get behind shelves full of plastic or giant plastic plants because they are an easy way to be on trend. No one is arguing that here. I do have one question. Veto. I am planning to purchase some herbs (basil, sage, mint) this spring for cooking—they will be kept in individual pots on my windowsill. These artificial plants are typically somewhere in between the size of a vase of artificial flower and a full-size artificial tree. Place them in the corner of a room to warm the space. However, my favorite fake is my Fiddle Leaf Fig from Target… really good actually! Hard pass on more dusting. The smell was sooooo good! You could even try to make your own. Jade plants are so waxy and, like the protea, already look kind of fake, even when real, while this fiddle leaf fig—the World Market pick Apartment Therapy reported on—has a thick cluster of leaves that are varied with passable veins. I’m a convert. Emily knows I hate fake candles (the ones with the little LED lights inside and the the battery operated wiggly fake flame). I would never have all fake plants, but sometimes you want that pop of greenery in an area that won’t sustain real plants because of the low light. Item #2127202. Artificial plants & flowers. Buy top selling products like National Tree Company® 9-Inch Artificial Pothos Hanging Plant in Basket and Nearly Natural Artificial Eucalyptus, Maiden Hair & Berry Hanging Plants … Dude, there are so many plants out there that won’t kill your cat. Now, it’s time to hear from all of you. I mean I guess…but why on earth would you? Believe it or not, our favorite finds in the launch are the artificial plants. Yuck. Last time I planted 2 beautiful real rubber plants, my house got filled with TONS of little bugs it was horrible. In turn I found your blog and ultimately became a subscriber. HA ME TOO. If you find a nursery that also grows their own stock (you might have to look up a “to the trade” grower), they’ll take anything in a standard size (4″, #1, #3, #15, etc.) Hi Orlando! Because WHAT?!? So many house plants are actually quite toxic to our cats and dogs (you can find out more about which ones those are here), so this is a good solution if you want the boho jungle vibe without the worry. Compare; Find My Store. Oh it’s Thursday! 2.) The leaves have a “waxy” look in parts, which is really true to live snake plants, and the edges of the leaves looked more like real snake plants … I also have a few (small) fake trees in storage. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Plastic fumes. Learn more. Noooooo. So…what exactly are those instances, you might be wondering. Discover the secrets to bringing elegance and style to your home and office interiors! I have some paintings and prints, framed, nothing pricey, of green things and scenery, in a room that can’t support real plants. Maybe you just have to sacrifice not having the “trendiest” plants in your home? I’m typically a real plant person although have recently been considering a couple of faux branches or big leaves for a vase. Don’t start with a diva orchid, start with something easier. I looked for a long time to find a decent one, covered the fake moss with river rocks, and four years later it still looks great. If it helps, I have a snake plant in a bathroom that gets ZERO light and it has stayed alive for months. Could you? If you have a plastic thing, you better be keeping it forever or finding a way to dispose of it in an environmentally conscious manner. You make those who choose faux plants sound like stupid evil-doers. Check out all the amazing paper florist on Etsy and Instagram. There is a huge community of paper florists who make amazing flowers and foliage for weddings, corporate events, art installations, and home decor. For me pets and plants are important in my house, is the vibrant energy they have so I would rather prefer the real thing. Shop for artificial hanging plants at Bed Bath & Beyond. I see faux plants at thrift stores/flea markets all the time and it’s a constant debate for me. It is also tacky in my opinion but that’s subjective isn’t it. Measuring 12.5 x 5 x 5 inches, it’s a fairly small plant … When you opt for faux foliage you can forget about leaves drooping or turning yellow, watering, and fertilizing. Shop Target for Artificial Flowers & Plants you will love at great low prices. Target: Project 62 Artificial Succulents In Pot, $14.99. Last year, in staging out this bedroom for Target, they had some papier maché-esque cactus and they were very, very cute. I dislike most things “faux” and prefer to get what’s real, still in my budget, even if that means less often, etc. walmart. In my current apartment I use a narrow silver tinsel tree. Shop at eBay.com and enjoy Fast & Free shipping on many items! But to each their own! Crate & Barrel: Faux Succulents in Low Round Pot, $49.95. He’s a sweet guy but plants are clearly not his thing: the weekly drenchings would spell immediate death to a real specimen. But that doesn’t mean there’s not something else that would thrive in your space. Same here. Because of this, I do have an aloe from Target on my coffee table, but that is it and mixed with other real plants, people are less likely to doubt since everything else is real. Great post! Thank you so much for sharing these. Oh my gosh, the bow tie on your deer mount is adorable! I grew up with my mom having vines around the top of the cabinets, faux floral arrangements, and the like….makes me cringe! No need to always assume the worst of everyone else’s motives and behavior. … The natural-looking stems on artificial flowers support carefully designed leaves and petals. Target Inspired Home Decor. Some of the serious crafter people can make incredible bouquets- like The Green Vase. Absolutely nothing will ever be as good looking as the real thing. If you think they were tacky in the 90s, be glad you weren’t alive in the 70s. I have heard some people say they’ve bought dried eucalyptus and it came with small little bugs (YUCK!) . West Elm: Faux Potted Echeveria Succulent Plant, $24. I’ve recently become obsessed with making them and while they aren’t going to fool anyone, they are more like that paper mache cactus- fun and whimsical. Finally, I remember buying a sansevieria for a dark area in my house, and the lady at the counter saying “You could grow these in a closet.” Heh. Dust collecting carbon footprints. To add color, select hanging artificial plants … My home gets virtually zero natural light. I’m very grateful for this new crop of real-looking faux plants! Artificial Plants Vines Ferns Persian Rattan Fake Hanging Plant Faux Hanging Boston Fern Flowers Vine Outdoor UV Resistant Plastic Plants for Wall Indoor Hanging Baskets Wedding Garland Decor-2 pcs. I LOVE them! I always think this needs to be mentioned when Emily and other bloggers rave about faux Christmas/holiday greenery, too. . Consider handmade paper flowers as opposed to mass-produced faux flowers bought at big box stores. I don’t try to keep them alive forever, and when they are done I compost them. THOSE PEONIES ARE FAKE UP THERE. I think I’m still team real. Yes! A few people have already mentioned this, but another idea is just simple eucalyptus. And someone else stopped using paper towels in favor of cloth towels? Plastic isn’t good for the environment. I have a fairly green thumb, and get lots of house plants from my mother who can grow anything. Also, having visited my husband’s great grandmother’s house many times, it’s crazy to see how so many of her fake plants just sit there, untouched, long past her passing. OMG i swear my mom had that purple/yellow/pink flower arrangement in a basket in the middle of our kitchen table for YEARS in the 90s. Yes, most nurseries or farmers happily take them to reuse them. oh yes the uber chic “vine atop cabinets/weird wall-ceiling nook”. Seems the decorating equivalent of eating those sad tasteless tomatoes in the middle of winter. But what happens when you’re tired of fake plants? Free Click + Collect on all orders over $20. I have a very clear scent memory about that very specific dusty, plastic-y scent that’s hard to shake. I will admit I have ONE fake flower in my house. I’m a gardener who loves real plants and spends hours growing vegetables and flowers but I’m also a paper flower artist who makes crepe paper flowers ( @mrsthank_you on instagram). How long can that plant be passed on before being a dusty, nasty eyesore? Compare; Find My Store. It’s actually a win-win! – https://www.target.com/p/33-x-16-fiddle-lead-fig-plant-in-pot-green-white-threshold-153/-/A-53782617. I felt it. yes! Model #20LOW998. If you’re a master green thumb, by all means bring in air-purifying natural beauties, but some plant species are notoriously finicky, especially if you’re a newbie or just don’t have the right indoor conditions for them (dark rooms, for example). I really appreciate this post and I’m glad someone has addressed it. Even the buds. You give it to your sister, your neighbor, your grandchild’s play room. Look, I’m a child of the ’80s, with most of my formative “childhood home decor” years being in the ’90s, and those decades, for whatever reason (someone, please explain if you can) had a love affair with artificial plants of all kinds. If you can get the real plants locally, that’s better all around. The high-end decor retailer John Derian sells the work of Livia Cetti who makes amazing paper flowers including a gorgeous geranium. Another EHD-approved time that faux florals and greens are 100%A-Okay is when the plant is OBVIOUSLY fake, but in a playful way. Saved from tntbloggie.wordpress.com. But we rely upon ads to keep all the posts free for you. The ever-popular fiddle leaf fig tree…not the most low-maintenance house plant out there, folks, yet people are obsessed with their looks and try regardless. I used to hate fakes but now I try to encourage clients who only care about what a project looks like to consider the plastic counterparts. “LOL at that weak point of plastic plant containers ending up in landfills. . 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The print on the leaf usually is just not spot on and there are too many opportunities to spot plastic stems. I had to wince at the “outrage” police. Beige Beige . I mean, true true…but you know, if someone DID want to, we wanted to be sure to give a decent example. Yes, I love the kitschy look of shiny fake plastic holly!! I’m also somewhat disappointed that the environmental considerations weren’t even mentioned. Yeesh! The disposable factor is also an issue with the fake turf stuff so many people are putting in here in California post drought. I might get a tiny bouquet of fake flowers for my 2 year olds room as she loves flowers but also loves picking at them. Succulents especially because they don’t care if I forget to water them. There’s no reason to just chuck old plastic pots in the trash. Though I must say the second from left does look pretty good and perhaps that’s why you thought it was the recommended one? Artificial Succulents. Personally, I’m team both. Absolutely. 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