How do you bleed a Gummy Shark? New Zealand has a similar shark, most widely known as Rig, which also receives the nickname “gummy shark” due to the similar teeth, or lack of. I know with some fish you should gut and bleed them straight away. In this tutorial Konway shows you how to fillet a gummy shark that has already had the head and guts removed. 23-11-2006, 02:50 AM #2. fish_outta_water. I've tried a few including the skinning method but haven't been happy with the ease or quality of flesh produced. cheers. caught a nice little gummy today and was wondering whats the best way of bleeding them. Post by Dilksy » Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:03 am Mucca wrote: Planning on to do some land based gummy fishing today and need some tips on how to kill and bleed my catch. There are a few different techniques around for bleeding then filleting gummy sharks. Submitted by roddo on Sun, 2011-08-28 19:19. The “gummy shark”, also known as the Australian smooth hound, flake, Sweet William or smooth dog-shark is a common and highly regarded catch in the southern Australian waters. Hi folks, I am heading out in a couple of weeks to try to bag a few Gummy Shark for eating, having previously only ever caught them in a Shark Nursery area I have always let them go. Gummy sharks range around the whole southern half of Australia, anywhere from the shallowest of sand flats to the deepest of ocean drop-offs, right through to bays and inlets along the coast. They remain either on or near the sea bed. Anything special with gummy? So what’s the way to deal with gummy’s, so I know for next time. Habitat: Gummy sharks are a demersal species that inhabits the continental shelf from the near shore region to depths of 80-350 metres. The tricker part is actually skinning and trimming up the fillets so be sure to check out that video next. Newborn and juvenile gummy sharks aggregate in many areas across southern Australia, while young and adult gummy sharks are more widely … The skinning process is tricky because of the very curved shape of the fillets. Unlike with most fish, the process of skinning a gummy shark is actually harder than filleting it. This time I will be outsude of the nursery so I intend to keep a … Fishing Discussion; hi Guys. My experience is with Thresher and Mako on the west coast but I believe that the same rules apply to all sharks that are potential table quality. View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries Visit Homepage Re: how do I bleed a shark? Shark must be handled properly from the time it is caught to the time it is cooked, more so than fresh caught fish. Joycey Sun Feb 17, 2008 9:40 am. Having strong fighting abilities plus a delicious taste makes this species an enjoyable and also a popular target down south. Also what’s the best way to fillet them? GUMMY sharks are an interesting creature. I caught a gummy shark for the first time today, however as I was unsure of how to dispatch and process it, I decided to let it go this time. bleeding sharks. Gummy sharks will take baits presented on a variety of rigs, running sinker rigs fish well when a long cast is not required, and paternoster rigs can also produce their fair share of sharks, be wary of using multiple hook rigs on larger models due to the shark’s tendency to roll and snap dropper loops. Konway guides you through the process in this step by step tutorial. Just wondering if there is anything special you need to do with gummy sharks to prepare them for eating. Do you have to club them on head then bleed? Bleed quickly and chill ASAP, and keep chilled. The process is quite simple and just involves removing the cartilage down the middle of the body. Every year … I don’t know of any other species of shark or bony fish that can adapt to such diverse environments than what gummies do. all i did was cut its … This tutorial shows you how to skin and trim up gummy shark fillets. I currently prefer to fillet as when done right there's no waste and it's easier, particularly on bigger sharks. They’re comfortable in water as shallow as just a metre or two, right out to a depth of 400 m and everything in between.