The Neurosurgery Residency Training Program is fully accredited 6 year program accredited by The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, provided to average of six to eight residents at different levels enrolled at any one time. I run down to see the 40 patients on multiple floors. The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) provides confidential employee assistance services at no cost to UCSF faculty, staff, post docs, residents, and clinical fellows. Training Schedule . 12 a.m. 12 p.m. To give an issue of how many times I’m getting interrupted by other providers in the hospital my beeper goes off 15 times in those 2 hours including another consult for a C2 lateral mass fracture down in the ER. 1 a.m. We continually work to ensure that our program offers the best possible environment for developing … They call me back and I call the OR. Understanding these dynamics is crucial to endure a career in medicine. I write my consult note on this emergency craniotomy and dictate the operative report and put in admission orders. I run down to see the 40 patients on multiple floors. 9/10/20 Apply to the School; Jobs at UB; Get Involved. I know some older physicians will compare it to their training experience. 10 a.m. The program will cover topics such as time management, fellowship applications, and networking. I have to physically run and get the FFP myself. I go downstairs and indeed it doesn’t flush or withdraw and the patient needs the ventric. And all for a great cause! The final four years are spent in Neurosurgery, Neurosurgery clinic rotation, Neuroradiology/INR, Research, and Neuropathology. The program is appealing with its early operative exposure, large catchment area, supportive working and learning environment, and the opportunity to pursue higher education in any related field of interest. San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area offers a multitude of cultural and recreational opportunities. These services include assessment, counseling, and referral services for a broad range of personal and work-related issues. Uganda Spine Surgery Mission. While starting my notes for the floor patients I get called about a patient in the ICU whose EVD has stopped working. In accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), leave can extend to twelve (12) workweeks. I go downstairs and see him and as he’s intact I’ll just keep him in bed. Welcome Party. Resident Life The Neurosurgery Residency program consists of clinical, research, and academic training. I check to see if my fellow resident needs any help and I get out with an hour to spare. Still writing floor notes. I go upstairs and walk the ICU. I head back upstairs and start working on the list for the morning. I call my chief and prepare to replace the EVD. We follow Dr. Cara Rogers and Dr. Christopher Busch through a day in their lives as neurosurgery residents at Carilion Clinic. Time taken in addition to this exceeding vacation leave and sick leave will be uncompensated. 11 p.m. I go and talk to the family at length and consent for the procedure. The ICU attending wants to phone round today and so I take his call and run all the patients with him. Please make a sacrifice for us. I call my vascular attending and email him some of the pictures from the CTA. The program will cover topics such as time management, fellowship applications, and networking. And that truly is a conservative number. While I’m down there they have another consult with a small volume traumatic subarachnoid bleed. The three-month rotations in the neuros… I get called on a thoracic burst fracture down in the ED on some gentleman who jumped from a 2nd story window likely related to a positive drugs of abuse screen. I go upstairs and write that consult note, my procedure notes, dictate the op report from earlier in the day and then start on my notes for the floor patients. Neurosurgery residents complete their residency training over the course of six years. While we aren’t always the champions, we have a great time interacting with other neurosurgery residency programs from across the country. There are the daily little things to do like drawing CSF. 10 p.m. Another consult from the ER. I sit down (it’s the first time I’ve sat down since 8 this morning) to add my last discharge and then write my consult notes and add the plans to the notes for the ICU patients. 9 p.m. 6 p.m.