There is a large untapped potential in the euro area for substantially higher output, employment and welfare. ECB publicerar regelbundet en mängd uppgifter om genomförandet av penningpolitiska transaktioner och Eurosystemets likviditetssituation. Introductory statement, Willem F. Duisenberg, Eugenio Domingo Solans: ECB Press conference on the occasion of the unveiling of the euro banknotes and their security features, Frankfurt am Main, 30 August 2001, Willem F. Duisenberg: La campagne d'information Euro 2002, Willem F. Duisenberg: Presentation of the ECB's Annual Report 2000 to the European Parliament, Willem F. Duisenberg: European Economic and Monetary Union: a success story. Structural reforms need strong domestic ownership since they reach deeply into societal arrangements. En la zona del euro hay sin utilizar un gran potencial para un crecimiento, un empleo y un bienestar considerablemente mayores. “Nel più lungo termine” ha concluso “bisognerebbe approfondire se sia stato sufficiente ciò che abbiamo fatto nell’area dell’euro per salvaguardare in ogni circostanza la possibilità di utilizzare la politica di bilancio in modo anticiclico. Vi è un grande potenziale inutilizzato nell'area dell'euro per conseguire livelli considerevolmente più elevati di prodotto, occupazione e benessere. Elle pèse donc directement sur la stabilité des prix et est tout aussi importante pour l'intégrité de la zone euro. Ese es el motivo por el que el BCE ha reclamado frecuentemente un refuerzo de la gobernanza común de las reformas estructurales, que integre esa capacidad de resistencia en nuestro ADN común. Mr Chairman, Honourable members of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, I am honoured to appear before your Committee for this hearing. Den kommande rapport som eurotoppmötet har beställt om den framtida ekonomiska styrningen kommer att vara en bra utgångspunkt för vidare funderingar. Eine schwache Kreditvergabe scheint zur Wirtschaftsschwäche in diesen Ländern beizutragen. There is no debate about our goal, which is to return inflation towards 2% in the medium-term, in line with our mandate. Introductory remarks by Dr. Willem F. Duisenberg, President of the European Central Bank, at the Karlspreis-Europa-Forum, Aachen, 8 May 2002. Please note that all comments are pending until approved by our moderators. Presentation of the ECB's Annual Report 2003, Jean-Claude Trichet: Issues in monetary policy: views from the ECB, Jean-Claude Trichet: European Priorities: an ECB perspective, Jean-Claude Trichet: Euro area statistics and their use for ECB policy-making, Jean-Claude Trichet: Lecture on the occasion of the receipt of the EFR-Business Week Award 2004, Jean-Claude Trichet: Paris Seminar on the EU accession process: Concluding remarks, Jean-Claude Trichet: Paris seminar on the EU accession process: Dinner address, Jean-Claude Trichet: The euro - five years on, Jean-Claude Trichet: The challenges for the European economy in 2004, Jean-Claude Trichet: Economic reform in Europe, Jean-Claude Trichet: The integration of European financial markets, Jean-Claude Trichet: Euro-Mediterranean Seminar "Eurosystem and Mediterranean country national central banks": Concluding remarks, Jean-Claude Trichet: Euro-Mediterranean Seminar "Eurosystem and Mediterranean country national banks": Welcome remarks. Referring to an open letter written by the economist John Maynard Keynes in 1933 to President Franklin D. Roosevelt on reform and recovery in the US, Mr Draghi argued that in the euro area today “without reform, there can be no recovery”. Le riforme strutturali accrescono sia il prodotto potenziale sia la tenuta dell'economia agli shock e pertanto assumono rilevanza per ogni banca centrale, soprattutto in un'unione monetaria. Hemos de tener en cuenta los desfases entre las diversas tendencias: el aumento de la demanda de crédito, el saneamiento de los balances de las entidades de crédito y la evolución de los mercados de capital como complemento del crédito bancario. Detta kan ske genom ett starkt finanspolitiskt styrsystem. Sin embargo, los ajustes económicos pueden tener costes a corto plazo. It seems that investors were more... Equities and risk linked assets started the week on a positive note following reports that Moderna's (NASDAQ:MRNA) coronavirus vaccine was 94.5% effective in preventing coronavirus infections.... We encourage you to use comments to engage with users, share your perspective and ask questions of authors and each other. Deshalb sind Strukturreformen stets relevant für Zentralbanken, besonders aber in einer Währungsunion. Structural and cyclical policies – including monetary policy – are heavily interdependent. Despite haven status and dollar weakness, gold slump continues The proposed ten-year period to mutualise national compartments into a single fund “creates uncertainty”, the President says. Speech by Dr. Willem F. Duisenberg, President of the European Central Bank, on the occasion of the conference organised by De Nederlandsche Bank on the 50th anniversary of Dutch banking supervisory legislation, Amsterdam, 24 April 2002. Le politiche strutturali e cicliche, compresa la politica monetaria, sono fortemente interdipendenti. Keynote speech by Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank, Vienna, 29 November 2004, Speech by Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the ECB at the Conference “Goodbye Lisbon” organised by the European Banking Congress Frankfurt am Main 19 November 2004, Keynote address delivered by Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the ECB, on the occasion of the OECD's World Forum on Key Indicators “Statistics, Knowledge and Policy” Palermo 11 November 2004, Keynote speech by Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the ECB held at the conference ‘Europe's frontiers: EU enlargement - its implications and consequences', organised by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Lisbon, 27 October 2004. Joining the euro area does not only follow from economic considerations: it is a binding commitment to European values. (Tietoja julkaistaan muun muassa velkapaperiohjelmasta, katettujen joukkolainojen osto-ohjelmista ja omaisuusvakuudellisten arvopaperien osto-ohjelmasta). “There is a strong case for sovereignty over relevant economic policies to be exercised jointly. Os rácios do serviço da dívida em relação ao rendimento tendem a ser mais elevados nos países sob tensão. NOTRE monnaie Intervention de Willem F. Duisenberg Président de la Banque centrale européenne, lors de la conférence organisée par la Banque de France le 10 juillet 2001, à l'hotel George V, Paris, Introductory statement delivered by Dr. Willem F. Duisenberg, President of the European Central Bank, Strasbourg, 3 July 2001, Speech by the President of the European Central Bank, Dr. Willem F. Duisenberg, on the occasion of the annual conference of the Ifo Institute in Munich on 26 June 2001, the EURO.