Strudel show 6. Opening hours 3. Place in a greased pan and bake in a well pre-heated oven at 190 oC until the sheet gets a shiny golden brown colour. Rituality, and the original recipe is “yours” although it is considered a closely guarded secret !! Copyrights Sissy Nika - Entercom® Technologies SA. 7 tablespoons unsalted clarified butter 1/8 cup bread crumbs (panko style), … On the rectangular sheet exactly in the middle we spread the filling. Apple Strudel Show at Schonbrunn Palace Vienna’s Apple Strudel Show Learn to Craft Vienna’s Delicious Traditional Pastry. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 35 min. The apple strudel seminar is also organized in the bakehouse of Café Residenz. I tried it almost steamy … .. with this wonderful cream. Schoenborn Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of Europe's most impressive Baroque complexes. Drip melted butter onto the uncovered third of the dough, cut away the dough’s thick edges, and roll the strudel shut towards the uncovered side. The article was published by Sissy Nika also at, Brioche stuffed with chocolate and molasses sauce. Strudel Show. From the list of 20 coffees I chose the coffee named Sissy without a second thought and for sweet apple strudel. Because our apple strudel baking course is like an inauguration. Schoenbrunn tour with ApfelstrudelShow and Coffee | Schoenbrunn palace is the only one in Europe rivalling Versailles. Audio Guide 10. In partnership with Austra Trend Hotels Schönbrunn Palace gives you the chance to stay overnight in one of the most famous treasures of Austria’s cultural heritage. We can guarantee you fun, that incomparable smell of a bakery and of course delicious strudel. Our first meeting took place in the famous historic Landtmann café. An intense look into the past. On this tour you will get to know this marvellous palace on both an exterior and interior tour. Princess Sissy is an emblematic personality of Austria, who was loved and stigmatized the Viennese life, gave colour and glamor. Every hour, a professional pastry chef hand-bakes original Viennese apple strudel at the demonstration bakery in Schönbrunn Palace’s Café Residenz. Here, historical forms of every age, spent endless hours discussing here. Dream atmosphere and warmth. Heat the butter in a pan and sauté the croutons or pieces of stale bread. Palace concerts 7. Ask Lisa B about Schonbrunn Palace. Yields 4 to 6 servings (one strudel) Crust. 6 sheets of phyllo, fresh or thawed. Spread the sheet by pulling it with our fingers. In a large bowl, mix the apples, rum, the cinnamon-sugar mix, croutons, raisins, lemon juice and mix well with our hand. The teasing remarks for my name were falling like rain… We discussed the possibility of creating a “Association of Historical Cafes in Europe”, since the first who established a café in Europe was Greek. Brush melted butter onto the entire strudel and bake rapidly in a hot oven, frequently brushing on more butter, until it is crispy (approx. The coffee table next to the library was a familiar meeting point for Lenin and his group, while the other one at the center was Freud’s. You can find apfelstrudel in most cafes across Austria, and even learn how to make one at the daily Apple Strudel Performance at Schönbrunn Palace’s Café Residenz. Vienna may be a musical city, but if you love food as much as us, you'll love the symphony of sweets the city offers. (In Vienna, you can get strudel dough sheets at the supermarket!) Date of experience: December 2012. Princess Sissy is the emblematic personality of Austria, who was loved and stigmatized the Viennese life, gave it color and glamor. Vienna, the city of applestrudel, coffee and music …. The secret recipe of the imperial applestrudel. After the 20-minute show, every participant receives the “Original Viennese Apple Strudel Recipe”. But not for you ……. Did you know that Apple Strudel is not really a German pastry? Traveling because of “my initiation” in the creation of the imperial applestrudel at the atmospheric Schönbrunn Palace, the palace of Sissy. In the basement the production rooms of the legendary apple strundel. Recipe: Crispy Apple Strudel print recipe . ). Once our strudel takes shape we close both ends. Developed by Entercom® Technologies SA All rights Reserved. Apple Strudel Seminar. If these “walls” could talk, how much historical evidence we would know about what happened in the past. A guest of the kindest Mr Berndt Querfeld, I arrived in Vienna. 1. I tried apple strudel in many cafes in Vienna and in my opinion, the apple strudel in the cafe located inside the palace was the best! Apple strudel is served, crispy baked and oven-warm, at our Café Residenz. Pastry Perfection, Austria takes its pastry seriously! Reservations: Schloß Schönbrunn Suite, Austria Trend Hotels. It was recently awarded as “The Most Elegant Viennese Café of the 21st Century”. In the Austrian gastronomy she put her own stamp with the famous apple strudel. Consider the iconic strudel, especially the famous apfelstrudel (apple strudel) – layers of pastry filled with sweet, spiced apple filling. He is the key person for my initiation to the world of Vienna’s taste. Put the dough on a floured large linen towel and with a rolling pin roll out a rectangular sheet. Schonbrunn Palace tickets 5. Remove the stalk from the apples and cut into slices. The more experienced can open the sheet (filo) in the air like pizza. How to reach 2. In the basement are the preparation rooms of the legendary applestrudel. Experience first-hand the creation of one of Austria’s most famous dishes—the apple strudel—in the Imperial Court Bakery of Vienna’s beautiful Schönbrunn Palace. Schonbrunn Palace: Strudel show - See 42,541 traveler reviews, 31,849 candid photos, and great deals for Vienna, Austria, at Tripadvisor. Here you can celebrate your enjoyment authentically. The dream of every taster is to try it on an atmosphere of the era.. .. We passed the gates of the Schönbrunn Palace. In the basement the production rooms of the legendary apple strundel. Early afternoon with Imperial taste….. Apple strudel and Viennese coffee in the atmospheric Palace Schönbrunn. Brush our strudel with butter as soon as we get it out of the oven. In a large bowl mix all the ingredients of the dough for the strudel and knead vigorously. The renowned Residenz coffee house at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace is serving up a local specialty: Viennese apple strudel. The manufacturing demonstration of the dream sweet has just begun …… Everything is done with the glamor and the ritual of that time. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Treat yourself to this pleasure, in the company of dear friends or in a group with colleagues. Entering the main entrance we headed left and quickly we “descended” to the imperial bakery. Copyrights Sissy Nika - Entercom® Technologies SA. The thickness of our sheet should be like the wafer. Developed by Entercom® Technologies SA All rights Reserved. Schonbrunn Gardens 8. My tasty tour begins at the right spot with the most distinguished company. Loved the setting of the cafe and the apple strudel (Apfelstrudel) even more! For in our Hofbackstube we honour an old recipe of the imperial palace bakers. Best time to visit 4. It seemed especially easy to me … … I tasted it almost steamy.. … with this wonderful whipped cream. With intervention “from above” the coffee was accompanied by Kaiserchmarrn, the favorite pancakes with raisins of the Emperor Francis Joseph, the beloved one of Sissy. The maître led us to the historic Rezidenz café located on the ground floor. Served crispy, yet tender and oven-warm, with or without vanilla sauce, combined with a fragrant cup of coffee. Schonbrunn Palace Schonbrunn Palace: Europe's most impressive Baroque complexes. It has been standing there since 1873. The daily strudel show is held in the Schaubackstube (bakery) underneath the Café Residenz every full hour. How to get to Schonbrunn Palace. Cut the edges of the sheet and with our hands wrap carefully with the help of the fabric. By walking through the Central Entrance we headed left and quickly “penetrated” the imperial bakery.