How come everytime you like something they get rid of it. Super-delicious, and you'd eat a whole bunch and they'd stick to your teeth.Good times. The wrinkles study noted that other orange fruits and vegetables could provide a similar effect. Fruit snacks just don’t taste as good as they did back them. Shannon, those were the BERRY BEARS and you're right - they WERE the best!!!!!!!! They are neither fruit, nor a snack. Haha, Kay Smith your daughter can have all of the orange gummi bears I always leave behind ... it's the only flavor I don't like! I also used to stick them to each other to make giant fruit wrinkles. FRUIT WRINKLES NEED TO COME BACK NOW, THEY ARE THE BEST FRUIT SNACK EVER!!!!!!!! Let me know if this is you!! These were released in 1986 and sadly didn’t stick around for too long. AWW Man -- i loved the grape Fruit Wrinkles. One Christmas my husbandfilled my stocking full and To this day I remember the great taste. Does anyone have a picture of a fruit wrinkle? The very best of the special edition pieces was … i use to eat the entire box of these in one sitting at about age 8. id open all the packages and make a giant pile of wrinkles and put tons of them in my mouth like i was a Fruit Wrinkle King. Are they really gone forever? I loved fruit wrinkles. I LOVED FRUIT WRINKLES would love to see them come back! If you're looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (because who isn't? I loved the lemon fruit wrinkles. Yes, that is the flavor. Everybody, please please call Betty Crocker and demand "The Fruit Wrinkles" be put back on the market. Still, they're no lemon Fruit Wrinkles (Fun Fruits were good, too, but I liked the Fruit Wrinkles better.). I thought I was crazy believing they existed before I came across the commercial on You Tube. Please please bring these back. Maybe another company could produce something in the near future that tastes the same. Fruit by the Foot. you helped me survive middle school...i'm so sad they're not around and the other "fruit snacks" just aren't the same :(. Nothing will ever compare :( I have been trying to find them online for YEARS, and nothing. :( ). In the meantime we should bombard General Mills with calls to petition them to being back the original Fruit Wrinkles snack. Makes approximately 2 cups of homemade fruit snacks. I miss fruit wrinkles! My mom use to always pack them in my lunches for school. Whereas Fun Fruits were softer than … I ask people all the time if they rememebr fruit wrinkles and sadly they don't! Fruit corners made the best fruit snacks. We want "The Wrinkle" back, not the history of how it got discontinued. OMG fruit wrinkles need to come back, they were the best!! The original Fruit Wrinkles. I'm 45 now...and when I was 13 I would eat thr whole box. Avoid kelloggs brand to avoid animal parts in your fun fruits! Loved Fruit Wrinkles, Fruit Bars and Fruit n' Cream bars!!!!! But guess I was wrong. On occasion I still can almost taste them, but nothing is the same and no one remembers these. I haven't had them since I was in kindergarten, so I'm not positive, but I think it's the same flavor. so none of my friends believe that fruit wrinkles existed and thought that my mom just made the name up...what did we ever do before google??? (64 calories per cup) "If you struggle with portion sizes, you'll love berries," says Ashley … ", which would be small syringes filled with liquid fruit… Fruit Wrinkles made me so happy. They are much better tasting than the fruit snacks sold today. carrie re-write the letter and submit this link with it. Those were so GOOD! Who's with me? It also helps to hydrate your skin. (I used to, but no longer, alas.). Fruit Wrinkles were marketed as a healthier alternative to similar products launched by competitors like Sunkist and were touted as containing more fruit and less sugar than other fruit … Fruit snacks now are so fake and yucky. My brothers and sisters and I loved these little chewy wonders! I loved these fruit snacks so much as a kid. Fruit Refreshers® Grapefruit & Oranges in Pomegranate Flavored Slightly Sweetened Fruit Water Juicy pieces of grapefruit and oranges combine with exotic pomegranate fruit water for a delicious and … The only thing I've found that's similar is the Motts fruit snacks:), Hi,Thanks for sharing useful informationGet the facts on how anti ageing and best treatment at skin clinic in hyderabad.Skin & Hair ClinicFillers TreatmentAnti Ageing Treatment. Enjoy, and please stop in again! what were the other things made by this company that were Fruit Bars. Much better than the nasty solid gelatin nasties they sell for our kids. The best fruits to snack on: Berries: Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries – they’re all packed with antioxidants and vitamins. And now my 22 year old daughter,since fruit wrinkles are no longer available, is addicted to orange gummi bears. Because it lasted. on my goodness...all the good stuff we had back then that i would kill for. Fruit Snacks. They were both pretty similar except Fruit Wrinkles often came in shapes like Dinosaurs or whatever. YUM! We talk about them all the time and how we wish someone, somewhere would bring them back! HolidazeBlog Cheetos Checkers were amazing. 4. But it would be a lie to say anyone was shocked that they flopped shortly after their release in 1986. today's "fruit" snacks don't even come close. My friends family shopped at Costco (back when not everyone did) and they use to buy these in bulk. I considered those a runner-up to orange, though. I'm so glad you guys remember this snack because it seems that my sis and I are the only ones who do lol. … Does anyone know the name of the company that produced them? Fruit Wrinkles commercial: Fruit Wrinkles were the best fruit snacks ever. Mmmmm, my mouth is watering for fruit wrinkles. I remember those too. I have been searching far and wide for you people I crave fruit wrinkles and bars on a daily basis.... Is that weird? I LOVED Fruit Wrinkles and it is so sad that they aren't around anymore. some were plain, some had swirl cream in them? I need fruit wrinkles like a crackhead needs a hit!!!!!! This is kind of the prototype for those Sunkist jelly fruit candies and all the other jelly fruit crud you can buy in a 7-11.I remember the fruit-preserves-on-plastic as a kid, and all I could think is, why not make the plastic edible to cut down on the garbage? The original Fruit Wrinkles. These bring back good memories for me. I only old school fruit snack still around are fruit roll ups. BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me so mad that no one remembers fruit wrinkles. From the Misc. Ingredients. Oh man, I loooooved fruit wrinkles. Second, i'm pretty sure there was no Lemon flavor. I thought I was another goofy one. The fruit snacks that are sold in the stores today are disgusting. I feel like I've found my people. So so so good. I really wish they'd start making them again!!! I now believe I have enough people to back this project. I think if the company knew there is still a demand for this product....they might bring them back!!! Taste the same and everything. Bring them back dangit!!! I Apsolutely loved these as a kid and wish we could bring them back they were the best fruit snacks ever I’ve tried so many others nowadays and then none of them compare the fruit wrinkles, Searched all over the internet to try to find a box. I love Fruit Wrinkles they give me Fruitasims! If it is I will fall out. I actually do. ), you may want to bypass the skin care aisle and head to the produce section instead. I absolutely LOOOOVVVEEEEDDD These as a kid!!! I laughed so hard when I read all these thoughts exactly!!! Aww these were great! Bastards...and they wonder why the new generation could care less for fruit-roll ups. I remember sitting in the cold metal shopping cart as me and mom were buzzing around the local supermarket and finally getting to the fruit snack section. I would eat these things in class with my orange minute made soda... And one day they were just gone.. And yet they have become a lunchbox staple since they first debuted in the 1970s. I also miss the old Fruit Roll Up know, the one that had actual texture and real fruit flavors!! I loved the purple ones!!! My kids loved the orange fruit wrinkles. Did you know that you can create short links with AdFocus and make cash from every click on your shortened urls. Opening the package that was lined in foil and kind of powdery, and then the fruit wrinkles fell out. … I feel the same as everyone else, Iam glad I found this site. I used to lick the back of the wrinkles and stick them on my fingertips like little press on nails. Anyone remember fun fruits? The wrinkles were my favorite! No one seems to remember the fruit punch flavored Fruit Wrinkles. YESSSSS! I was always so happy when somebody's mom would fill our "girl scout treat bucket" with packets of these to snack on during our meeting. If they haven't changed the nasty chemical taste of fruit roll-ups then sadly, I don't think Fruit Wrinkles will make a come-back. Blueberries, specifically, prevent loss of collagen (as shown in animal studies ). If you know of any products you'd like to see added to our shelves, feel free to junp on the intercom and let me know. It was either fruit wrinkles or fun fruits. They made some that were little bloby things and then towards the end, they made them in banana-orange-cherry shapes but they were strawberry flavor. I considered those a runner-up to orange, though. You couldn't get me to share those with anyone. The following are links about Fruit Wrinkles you may find interesting. Also, yes there were indeed lemon flavored Wrinkles. What the heck were those fruit snacks called that were a bear family with these friggin awesome unicorn ones that were pastel and not like the clear regular flavered family bear ones?? Omg ive been thinking of fruit wrinkles and fruit bars for like a week straight now god i want them NOW!! i would take down a whole box in one day. My mom was also a Vons shopper and I remember them well. I loved these as a kid. These were very popular when I was in 4th grade. In 1986, Fruit Corners wanted to expanded it's Fruit Roll-up line of kid's snacks and try out some new stuff. Available in multiple mouthwatering varieties and a range of packaging options to fit your needs, whether at home, … I miss them so much! Soo glad others agree :). An offshoot of Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit Wrinkles were little fruit snacks that vaguely resembled wrinkled up fruit. That was just the name. I used to walk to the store every time I had $ as a kid just to buy these things. Bring them back!!! Stick in there everyone,,,we WILL tasta a WRINKLE again!! Fads & Fashion Section Navigation Follows. I feel sad for them having not experienced the fruity goodness that are FRUIT WRINKLES! They were my favorites! The fruit assists in maintaining the elasticity of your skin. Whatever happened to these?? BY FAR THE BEST SNACK EVER MADE! I loved fruit wrinkles they were the best fruit snacks. I’d eat the whole thing and not care how many decades old it is. The Tiger Shark was the KING of the special pieces. WE SHOULD START A FRUIT WRINKLE PETITION!!! Give them a shot and comment back. Amy, I think Fruit Corners was the company that produced Fruit Wrinkles. I can still remember the taste. This blog was started to salute all the great sodas, candies, and food products that are no longer with us. The rubber/wax/plastic fruit snacks of today are disgusting. Came out in 86 and the little fruit creatures were called Fruitons! I was just talking to some co-workers about them and i decided to search for them in another country or something. I think it has become too costly for General Mills to incorporate real fruit. I use to eat a whole box in a day!! Orange Fruit Wrinkles feature prominently in my memories of my 8th birthday at Disney World. At first it seemed to be just a few companies that mader them that way, but now they all seem to do it. i loved those when i was like 2 or 3, i called them woot winkles, and still remember how good they were:). They are called Fruit Jammers and they are made by Sunbelt. Yes they came out the same year as Sunkist Frunfruits (virtually the same product), but I think I liked Wrinkles better. These were sooooooooooooo good, and so were fun fruits and shark bites. I also used to stick them to my finger nails and pretend they were press on nails. I couldn’t remember the name for years. Oh my god i need to find a krogers!! While lemon was indeed often part of mixed flavored fruit snacks like fun fruits, I don't believe it was ever a stand alone flavor of fruit wrinkles, although I'm quite sure grape was. Can we submit this entire thread to General Mills?!?!?!?!?! (Of course, a company that is no longer around. First, they weren't really wrinkled per se. Two things. I think about these all the time!! They need to bring back the wrinkles!!!!!!!!! I remember my mom keeping fruit wrinkles in her purse for church time. I cannot for the life of me remeber the name but my grandma would always pack them in my lunch and I would eat the unicorns last cuz they were the BEST!!! Anyone know the exact name on the box, etc? My lunch box...a sandwich (which I may have eaten), Fruit Wrinkles, and Magic Middles....OH THE LIFE! I remember going to the corner store and buying a box, strawberry flavor, just for me. I think Kroger manufactures a fruit snack very close to Fruit Wrinkles ... if you're lucky enough to live near a Kroger, that is. fruit wrinkles were the best fruit snacks ever created and they need to consider reviving them! Strawberry and grape!!! Also check out the other =Food of the 80s?> pages. BRING THEM BACK!!!! i loved how they all stuck together when you took them out of the package. I actually do. Wish they still made them exactly the same. You're thinking of Fun Fruits, which came before these. Somebody PLEASE bring these things back!! Orange Fruit Wrinkles feature prominently in my memories of my 8th birthday at Disney World. They were indeed the best fruit snacks ever made. Welch’s ® Fruit Snacks are made with Real Fruit for the delicious taste the whole family loves! doo-dads Company: Nabisco Years: Late 60's-90's   Image from Jason Liebig Another great Nabisco Snack Mix that people seem to... Products: Just about Everything Company: Just about all of them Years: 1970s-90's Growing up in the early 80's, our family... O'Boises Potato Chips Company: Keebler Years: Mid-Late 80's          Elves. BRING FRUIT WRINKLES BACK PLEASE. Omg, I thought i was the only one that knew about these i wish they would bring them back! I am fruit snack obsessed and about fifteen years ago wrote a letter to Betty Crocker and asked "her" to bring back my beloved fruit wrinkles. OMG!! Fruit Wrinkles on the other hand were a reaction to Sunkist, who made quite a splash in the fruit snack market in 1985 with their line of Fun Fruits products. And lasted, and lasted, and lasted. PopRewind June 7, 2014 1:00 pm. I don't know why these were discontinued. i need them!! (just look for the Kroger version of them in the cheap box.) BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!! If they would bring them back they would fly off the shelves. They were my Favorite. I DON'T THINK SO!!!! These were so good! Ok, I'm a huge fruit snack nut. I remember being in elementary school, getting in my lunch and eating those first. These are awesome!!! In my head, I picture a team of people in lab coats testing such items as "Fruit by the Mile" (the grandfather of todays "Fruit by the Foot"), or "Fruit Injections! I used to pack these in my lunch too. Coincidence? I really don't like the gelatin like ones they sell today. I guess Nature forgot to get a patent. So Soft and Chewy- ~Just Phenominal~. We're trying to re-create them at our restaurant using naturally dripped fruit juices, agar agar & liquid nitrogen & different frozen temeperatures. I Loved Fruit Wrinkles. If you want: Reach for fruit or dark chocolate when craving something sweet. Of particular interest were the newly cherry-shaped ones, which looked like the fruit snack versions of the cherries from Super Mario Bros. 2. I loved these as a two year old...called them wooot winkles...i still remember how good they are and that was 25 years ago!! Very big fan of the fruit wrinkle. If you have a story on how we can bring it back sooner, that would be something we would like to read!! I was talking about them for years after they were no longer around! Anything that calls itself wrinkly just doesn’t seem appetizing. Here's why: A recent study found that eating mangoes could minimize facial wrinkles… They were seriously the BEST fruit snack ever invented. Raisins. Foods Aisle: Generic Brands, From the Snack Aisle: O'Boises Potato Chip. I always liked the plain old little bean shaped fruit snack and the sharks with the mystery great white shark...there was also this delicious fruit bar that was about and inch thick and so yummy, I wonder why these disappeared and were replaced by unhealthy gummy varieties with gelatin instead of fruit pectin. I remember my mom bought a whole case of them from Pace aka Sam's Club and she "hid" them under her bed so I wouldn't eat them all at once. I would give my husband away for a box of fruit wrinkles. BRING BACK FRUIT WRINkLES! I have a Kroger 5 minutes from my house I will have to see if they carry that similar product!!!! Anyways, I haven't seen them in probably 20 years, and was wondering if … I still remember part of the commercial jingle for these. Damn kids, get off my lawn. I MISS THEM! Grab a healthy delicious fruit smoothie, chocolate dipped fruit treat, donut or even fresh fruit salad at the Edible Arrangements store in Mokena today! ... lunch break snacks, and even as an afternoon pick-me … I will email you. They have a stale firmness to them that is reminiscent of Fruit Wrinkles. I remember LOVING the lemon ones. They are not spell checked or reviewed for accuracy. I too miss tuti fruitis the fruit roll with gooey center, but remember Garfield fruit snacks? We also want to note all the failed products that have come and gone without many people even noticing. Oh I was so happy to see that box of cherry fruit wrinkles!! i am dying for a it fruit wrinkles inany flavor box of fruit wrinkles they i think we should make a petition betty crocker to bring them back. Submit a story or info about Fruit Wrinkles, Loading images, if this message doesn't go away you may need to enable javascript in order to see pictures, Fruit Wrinkles were actually little fruit snack creatures with trumpet shaped noses. I LOVED THEM!!! I loved Friut Wrinkles!!! Memories In A Box Kids! They are oh-so-clearly made just for children. I found a pretty darn good one that I highly recommend: Sunbelt Fruit Jammers. Jean, I'm on board with you to bring back the Wrinkles!!!! OMG I miss these soooo much I think about them every time I have a fruit roll up nothing will ever be as good as fruit wrinkles!!! No fruit snack today can compare. Sunkist's "laughing trees" became common advertising characters in the mid to late 1980s, in commercials for their gummy fruit snacks. I used to take them along on Band trips when I was in High School. Does anyone remember Fruit Wrinkles? I'm almost 32 now and I still get cravings for cherry Fruit Wrinkles. Come back, FRUIT CORNERS!!! Betty Crocker introduced Fruit Roll-Ups approximately one year after they introduced Fruit Wrinkles, and within that time, Fruit Roll-Ups began to outsell its predecessor, which by 1989-1990 led Betty Crocker to announce that they would stop selling Fruit Wrinkles. I MISS FRUIT WRINKLES... O man these were so good.. PS: This isn't an actual online grocery store, so don't email me to ask about buying the products listed. I want more! Submit a link to more information about Fruit Wrinkles. That's it Fruit Bars Snack Gift Box { 20 Pack }100% All Natural, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Low Carb Snacks - Healthy Fruit Snacks Bulk Variety Pack(Strawberry, Mango, Blueberries, Cherries & Fig Bars) 4.5 out of … Cucumber; You should look towards this fruit … Bring back Fruit Wrinkles! I wish they knew how much people liked them. OMG ! General Mills definitely needs to bring them back using the same recipe. They were better than any fruit snack ever made. I wish so much that they still sold these:( All the original fruit snacks were so much better than the ones they have out now. People,,,are you still with me to bring back the wrinkle??!!! Later, Fruit Wrinkles came out in assorted fruit shapes. Omg! That's right.....raisins. Who is with me? My parents would buy boxes of them for my brother and I. I love when they would get extra squishy when I have the packet in my pocket. I miss them all!! Good times. By the way, does anybody remember gummy rats? They were awesome. By the by, does anyone remember the cream/yoghurt coated ones called "creme supremes"? personally, i loved the watermelon fruit wrinkles. In this commercial, a group of kids explore a jungle … Thank you Eric! I loved them as a child growing up. Then they just disappeared. How do we get them back. How can we bring these back?!?! The walmart brand fruit smiles are very good or jewel/dominicks store brand are kind like the good old ones. I also demand fruit wrinkles to come back. I would like to contact that company that produced these fruit snacks and start a petetion for them to bring them back. Sorry Fruit Wrinkles… I love fruit wrinkles... the last time I had them was when I was 5 yrs old and I still remember how good they were! We can't stop thinking about them, they were the best freakon fruit snack ever!!! It makes me so sad when I ask my friends who are around the same age as me if they ever ate them and they just look at me like I'm weird. I would love to have a room filled with Strawberry & Grape Fruit Wrinkles!!!!!!! ah yes, the fruit snacks of my kindergarden years onda playground, I am 25 now, but can still so vividly and clearly recall their taste, texture and flavour.... mmmmmm. Loved the Fruit Wrinkles (and the Garfield ones) and can remember how they tasted to this day (orange were the best!). my parents use to hide them from me! OMG, fruit wrinkles come back! Whenever I talk about them nobody seems to know what I am talking about! They were such a delicacy!! BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got alot in the package (not like now-a-days) and they had a nice texture. they were actually not bad for you and were soooo yummy! Miss these terribly. I agree please BRING THESE BACK!!!! These little fiber bombs are the smartest, most nutritionally dense fruit … The cherry wrinkle was the best and its sad that no other fruit snack can compare to that flavor. In short, Gone But Not Forgotten Groceries is a fictional supermarket that houses all the grocery products that once were but are no more. I loved the orange ones. And yet, they … I'm not alone!!!! They aren't for sale, and in fact, may only exist in photographs anyway. They were by far the best fruit snack in the 1980s...they tasted like real fruit. Ecto Cooler. The cherry ones were heaven in a box! Welch's Fruit Snacks, Berries 'n Cherries, Gluten Free, Bulk Pack, 0.9 oz Individual Single Serve Bags (Pack of 40) 4.8 out of 5 stars 3,704 $6.98$6.98 ($0.19/Ounce) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save The same product is at Kroger in the fruit snack area, and they are the same as the Fruit Wrinkle were. She would give me a pack and I would eat each one really slowly so that they lasted through the whole service :) It was so hard because I was only 3 and they were such wonderful candies. Can I still sign your petition? Those were our favorite snack as little girls...we miss them for sure, no other fruit snack today compares! I remember me and my friend Alicia used to sneak off and I would pour these on her butt and eat them! They are about $2 a box and have the appropriate consistency. My sister-in-law lives next to a Kroger's in Indiana (I'm in WIS) and I'm soooo gunna have her bring me some! That sucks. The orange and strawberry were my favorites. The Kellogg brand strawberry & cherry flavored ones aren't too bad, either. I remember they came in a paper foil lined pouch, and often all of them were stuck together when you opened the package so you would have one big piece you could take bites out of. Also loved fruit bars (with the "yogurt" swirled in) made by the same co. Tamia,,is that you with your comment above? I am making strides to do this. I've missed em for years. 4-5 cups of fresh watermelon, sliced; 2-4 tablespoons of raw … I thought i was the only person remembered them.I would just pour the whole pack in my mouth. I ask people all the time if they remember fruits wrinkles and most do not. PLEASE BRING 'EM BACK!! Fruit Wrinkles were the sh*t! They were little raisin sized fruit snacks, made by I believe, Betty Crocker. We demand it!!!!!!!!!!!

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