Hastings had worked as a computer programmer at Stanford University in the late 1970s. Hastings, a former computer programmer at Stanford, purchased a home in Anchorage in order to run his business, providing computer services out of his home. Mr. Hastings, 40 years old, was sentenced Friday on his plea of no contest to the March 1, 1983, ambush slayings in McCarthy. Alaska has no death penalty. The Alaskan Pipeline creates an influx of money and people through Alaska, but there are those concerned with the ravaging of this great state's natural resources. Edge of Alaska is one of a number of Discovery Channel shows that are set in the titular state, thrusting the small town of McCarthy, Alaska into the spotlight by showing the day-to-day activities of its forty residents.. Books Murder at 40 Below: True Crime Stories from Alaska. One of those people is Louis Hastings - an environmentalist from California. Martin, Ashley Blankenship, Brian Elder, Gina Limbrick. With J.V. Hastings was born in Leawood, Kansas on January 1, 1944. He and his wife left California for Alaska in 1980, initially moving into a duplex in east Anchorage, where he operated a computer services company out of their home. The show completed its fourth season in November 2017. Directed by Christian Faber. Tim Mischel details his experience of living in the small Alaskan town of McCarthy and sheds light on a tragic murder that took place. McCarthy Massacre- McCarthy AK 1983 I will be spending a total of 11 days in the town of McCarthy, current population of 42, over the course of my summer. Louis D. Hastings was an American who killed six people and wounded two others in McCarthy, Alaska, United States on March 1, 1983. Movies/Documentaries Alaska has always been a famous last redoubt for seekers, dreamers, hustlers, and ne’er-do-wells, and the man who appeared in McCarthy … ‘Edge of Alaska,’ chronicled the day-to-day activities of people of McCarthy, Alaska and the lives of forty residents, including Jeremy Keller and his wife Alison, Neil Darish, Jenny Rosenbaum and more. He was arrested and sentenced to 634 years in prison. In the summer of 1982, about eight months before the murders, Hastings and his wife bought a vacation home in Kennicott. In 1980 Louis Hastings and his wife decided to leave city life behind and moved to the wilderness of Alaska. He lost his case at the US Court of Appeals (9th Cir., San Francisco). Here are the details of what the McCarthy residents are doing now. Gunman Kills Six in Alaska Village Gunman goes on rampage, kills six Man Pleads No Contest To Charges Of Killing 6 Killer may have intended to slay others McCarthy killer gets 634 years Louis D. Hastings v. State of Alaska The End Of The Road McCarthy Alaska. The fans (and grousers) of Discovery’s Edge of Alaska are vocal about their feelings over Massachusetts’ native Neil Darish’s steady 15-year flip of the remote town of McCarthy, Alaska In 2002, Hale launched a legal battle with the National Park Service over his plan to bulldoze a road to his 410-acre ranch ("Hillbilly Heaven") inside the remote Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, near the small town of McCarthy, Alaska.

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