You come to the fuckin country of genius? (Begins singing) I am the gin of the jaca-di(intelligible)…the cavern on the corner (squawks like a bird). I heard Raleigh was just Bud messing around.The opinion that Bud == Raleigh first came around on online message boards, but there was little (if any) evidence to support it. Well I ain’t leavin Mother fucker, now whattaya gonna do? The rants of a mentally disturbed man named Raleigh Theodore Sakers are featured on several tracks. If she can’t do it, I’ll try ten. The currently untitled Raleigh Theodore Sakers film is an upcoming biopic written and directed by Jackson Kelley, based on the life of the mysterious man heard on Sublime's second album Robbin' the Hood, Raleigh Theodore Sakers. Raleigh Theodore Sakers is both man and myth. (a lot of movement, shuffling things around) Did we get all that shit? You’re illiterate, to troot. You are not my children. IIIIIIII aaaaaaaammm capital G… ‘O’…lower case ‘D’. Rollie: What’re you gonna do to this little kid, ah? ), I’m gonna send you some (new ones?) 507 likes. If he’d rhymed it’d make some fuckin sense they thought, but they were wrong, well fuck em, they don’t know…they don’t care, don’t tell em, so fuck em. Raleigh Theodore Sakers on the web. Last updated: 25 Sep 2020, 18:51 Etc/UTC. Because I’ll blow your fuckin brains out, my funny valentine. Raleigh Theodore Sakers / Eazy‐E / Just‐Ice / Sublime; You Don’t Know What Love Is: Don Raye (composer, lyricist) Gene de Paul (composer) Miles Davis All Stars; Sonny Rollins; Chet Baker; John Coltrane Quartet (show 169 more) T-900.305.674-4; Song: English; 550017284 (ASCAP ID)0Y0-0780-2 (JASRAC ID) Artist information Sort name: Sakers, Raleigh Theodore Rating. My name is Rollie Theodore Sakers…yeah, that’s me. Featured in three soliloquies on Sublime's Robbin' The Hood, we hear the rantings of an obviously disturbed man who is obsessed with both science fiction and blow jobs. III"), a short mix of songs including an alternate recording of "Don't Push" ends the album. That’s why she likes to be called one. You little mouse minded mother fucker. You lost your holy comic books. We’re the psycho-semantic police you can’t even see us…how in the fuck can you do anything about it? Orderly: Go for it! Raleigh Sakers in a fight with an intern at a halfway house. His brother had a friend that worked in a halfway home. Everyone has to deal with 9/11 these days, This was the largest explosion anywhere in the galaxy still to this day. That’s right, he nigger’d twice. Eric's father Billy Wilson taught Gaugh how to read music and play the drums. I’m a groovie movie. Raleigh Theodore Sakers Soundboard: 18069: Fanuc Nc Guide: 10198: Fanuc Nc Guide Pro: 8388: Nc Dmv Consignment Forms Vehicle: 7112: Habilitation Specialist In Nc: 6589: Appetite For Destruction Band Nc: 5093: Tie Breakers In Greenville Nc: 5077: Used Bakery Equipment In Nc: 3955: Nc Odometer Disclosure Statement: 3910: Nc Program Management: 3861 Asked by Wiki User. I AM THE MAFIA. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Raleigh Theodore Sakers at the Discogs Marketplace. And I have you all lost, you’re all goin back… (ends). BLOCKAGE. Magpie-ockage. Editing. Raleigh Theodore Sakers has many rumors flying around about him. And that’s the supreme one. Jackson Kelley began a film company with his friends, right after he decided sports weren't his thing. Who is Raleigh Theodore Sakers? Raleigh Theodore Sakers has many rumors flying around about him. Now…You call the cops, I’m not gonna waste my fuckin time. Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. The first fuckin man to tour on this planet. and join one of thousands of communities. Top Answer. And we’re two panes apart, so you can’t fuckin blow SHIT. Keep your mouth shut, or you’ll die in five minutes. Iyam Iyam. Raleigh Theodore Sakers Lyrics (de) MBID. 1 Album on the Billboard 200 JUELZ SANTANA Juelz Santana silvia van der vaart 1 Sylvie Long Hairstyles – Long Hair It doesn't matter if Johnny Natalie, who decorated this Subcategory: Kate Winslet Choppy Layered Bob google Raleigh Theodore Sakers yahoo Raleigh Theodore Sakers mages images Source URL: … Where can I hear more?Or you might be thinking, "Where the hell can I get my hands on the 'two or three hours' Brad is talking about?" * Nothing at all. Call the cops. Answer. The above comes from an article appearing in The Lumberjack, the school newspaper for California's Humbolt University. Raleigh Theodore Sakers is both man and myth. ……scratch it verbally…or we’re gonna know who to kill. Logic with a capital “L”-‘o’-‘g’-i’-‘c’ lower case, and you figure out where to punctuate it, apostriphate it, and (fart noise) inflate it…hah, deflate it, whatever. You better, I know the way. Robbin' the Hood is often thought of as the hard-core fans favorite album. Suck me off and get smart. Yeah, poor, yeah, oh yeah, poor…shew! You’re eight to ten percent man, you’re in the RACE of man, you’re not man, you’re not me, you’re nothing. They have no value schemes at all. You entered Hell you cocksuckers cause everything reverses. But life was a dream for you that passed you byyyyyyyyyyy. Rollie: You fuckin reach for me and I’m gonna take your arm off. I’m not from the SOUTH of Egypt…am I? The art work features the picture of a 17th century man smoking a pipe and gives the title of the CD as Psycho-Semantic Blockage. Wiki User Answered . Bud! History [] Early career (pre-1988Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh were childhood friends having grown up in the same Long Beach neighborhood. End quotation…period! And brainwashes em, see? I’m an American movie. A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Fell in love, but she was locked in. Rollie: Words don’t bother me man, (orderly laughs) actions do. Orderly: (laughing)You’re…you’re the craziest son of a bitch I ever met. Follow up Some of the songs on the album contain parts that were later reused by the band on other albums. I’m gonna kill ya every time I see ya motherfucker. Hey, man made himself up, what fuck he made everything up! This is (supposedly) the complete uncut rant from Raleigh Theodore Sakers from Sublime's album. Get all the lyrics to songs by Raleigh Theodore Sakers and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics. Get outa here. He is standing in my door, I told him to get outa here, he tells me he’s gonna put me in the psycho tank, for makin my production here, which is a SCIENCE FICTION magazine, but he’s trying to scare me cause he thinks he’s big, but he’s just a big pile of shit, cause I’ll splatter him all over the fuckin wall. You’re not guests anymore. Spiritually, you’re weak. Grab me by my ass and suck me off, but I ain’t gonna cum in your mouth…cause you’re DEAD ALREADY you son of a bitch. If you are a fan of sublime then your well informed on Religh Theodore Sakers. You don’t even understand mathematics, or arithmetic...anything! Here's the famous Robbin Hood of the Old West. Hey in the natural world of REALITYYYYYY in the order of a… a capital ‘D’, lower case ‘i’, ‘p’, ‘t’, ‘e’, ‘r’, ‘a’…Diptera, cause you’re just a piece of semantic fuckin blockage, you little piece of pig shit! It’s not philosophy. death star explosion star wars Star Wars 911 Death Star. Super saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta Super Saiyan - Dragonball War's Wiki Size: Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 3 in Raging Blast Dragon Ball Z 8" Power Booster Figure - Super Saiyan Vegeta Saiyan Jin 2 - Dragonball War's Wiki vegeta super vegeta super saiyan 6 ):,, Rollie: Whoever comes in this fuckin room, I’m gonna kill ‘em, that’s what I’m gonna do. Log in to edit; Last updated on 2013-04-05 00:00 UTC. She ain’t a lady. All you fuckin witches, from behind that fuckin mirror. There’s no such thing as time…(In baby voice) Why not? Rollie: That’s right, I’m not goin for nothin! You’re invadin heaven, that’s what the VOID IS! Call the cops mother fucker. That’s it, work her head up and down. Featured in three soliloquies on Sublime's Robbin' The Hood, we hear the rantings of an obviously disturbed man who is obsessed with … (speaking from background)…every fuckin day. Heeeeeeeyyy you mother fuckin faggots. I want that cocksucker to send me at least fifty thousand fuckin dollars. III has Raleigh singing his interpretation of "You Don't Know What Love Is" by George Benson. Fuck, you don’t even know I exist. We’re gonna remodel you’re neuronal structuring and unlock ya. (continues making knocking sound) Pass it into law…karma…ahhh prinicipality…cause and effect. 2009-05-16 01:30:39 2009-05-16 01:30:39. Robbin' the Hood is often thought of as the hard-core fans favorite album. At first these three tracks just seem bizarre, and they are. If you’re real, you got nothin to worry about, but if you’re synthetic, startin tomorrow your balls come off. That’s the name of a psychic….pussy cat who got a weird fuckin idea one day, lickin the cock…of ROLLIE! I am everything because I am the foundation, I am the SOURCE…of all! He reminds me a little of Stevie. "We thought everyone should hear him," Bud added. Raleigh Theodore Sakers. They don’t mean any fuckin thing, you’re just mocking the language system by makin up words that don’t exist. Read Sublime's bio and find out more about Sublime's songs, albums, and chart history. He got that from the WHITE MAN…that cauc-cauc-cauc-cauc-cauc-cauc…honkey he calls ‘em.

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