9. 5. They should go to work and apply all their knowledge to the fullest. @THECAPES Working part-time is better for mothers than staying at home to raise the children or working full-time, it has been found. Working outside the home doesn't make you a bad mother — in fact, studies have not found that children experience any harm when their mothers work outside the home. The debate topic is "mother should go to work". Some parents go back to work after their first child because paying daycare fees for one still leaves them with enough money to make working worthwhile. 4 - Child-care costs - Mother may be bringing in money to the household, but a considerable amount will go to the cost of child care anyway. Not all mothers can balance house cleaning and work. And when kids get older, even more of their mothers work. If they work, the house wont stay clean or get clean, until the kids start doing their chores, with out being told to. Fathers are the head of household. please help me the debate is day after tomorow.i am speaking FOR the above topic.please give me all your ideas.i'll try to make full use of it. I conducted my doctoral research on mothers' experiences of career exit, stay-at-home motherhood and career re-entry. Answer: Whether or not a woman should work outside the home is a struggle for many couples and families. And, "If you go to work and are unhappy there," she says, "that's not great for kids either." My research indicated that for the 10 women I studied, the maternal instinct was not always the only or main reason that these women left their careers for stay-at-home motherhood. 8. 7. In addition, for women who do not continue working after having their first child, the cost of being a stay-at-home mom is terribly high, not only their income is forfeited, but also retirement savings, pension and other benefits. Returning to work after maternity leave can pose emotional conflicts for mothers. This week on the Savvy Psychologist, Dr. Ellen Hendriksen reveals what the science says about moms working versus staying home. Can I get some ideas,suggestions to speak for the above topic. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect mother. So nearly half of all mothers of young children work full-time, though just 12 percent to 16 percent of Americans think they should. Marriage is full of compromises. The Bible does have instructions regarding the role of women. 3 - Child-care decisions - if mother is working the parents must have to decide on child care which can cause family problems if there is a difference in opinion between mother and father. This is crucial as publics’ perspective on working women can be enhanced and to urge the younger generation to fight for women’s right and freedom. Like Tae Bo and Beanie Babies, the Mommy Wars are so 1990s. Maternal Conflict "Women focus on 'Should I work or shouldn't I work,'" Stuart says. The readers should probe at this research and keep carry out this research to unlock more evidence and facts why women should be allowed to work instead of being homemaker. 10. 6. But ask any mom (or anyone, for that matter) whether it’s better for moms to work or stay at home, and you’ll likely get a strong and sometimes emotional answer. Their husbands wont have anyone to talk to, when they get home, if their wives work.

should mothers go to work

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